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PA Foot & Ankle Associates are board certified by the American Board of Podiatric Surgery and exclusively and extensively trained in foot and ankle conditions including bunions, hammertoes, reconstructive surgery, sports injuries and trauma. Some of our more complex specialties include total ankle joint replacement, diabetic limb preservation and wound care.


We believe conservative, non-surgical treatments are the first choice in alleviating your pain and discomfort. In some cases, however, surgery may be necessary to restore form and function. Some surgeries are minimally invasive, performed in an outpatient setting, and others require a hospital stay. We’ll diagnose your source of pain and recommend the best treatment plan for you.

Total Ankle Replacement

Total ankle arthroplasty (TAA), also known as total ankle replacement, is a surgical procedure used to treat ankle arthritis. Arthritic changes may be a result of normal wear and tear due to aging or from an injury such as a broken ankle or dislocation. Arthritis eventually leads to loss of cartilage, pain and/or deformity.

Diabetic Limb Preservation

Nationally recognized for our success rates, we are dedicated to saving limbs that are at risk for amputation whenever possible. We understand the distress and uncertainty upon hearing the news that you may need an amputation, therefore, every aspect of your care is coordinated by us to make the process as stress free as possible for you.

Wound Care

We are panel physicians and limb preservation team members at Easton Hospital, Sacred Heart Hospital and St. Luke’s University Health Network. And wound specialists at Manor Care Rehabilitation, Blough Health and Rehabilitation Center and the New Eastwood Rehabilitation Center. We lecture nationally and internationally on wound care and foot and ankle limb salvage.

Sports Injury

The more informed you are about your foot and ankle injury, the quicker you will return to normal activities. We pride ourselves on fully educating our patients about their condition and treatment options so they can make well-informed healthcare choices and get back to doing what they love as quickly as possible. Same day emergency appointments are available.

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